Adaptive architecture & Progressive web apps

Ken Harrison
3 min readJan 31, 2023

Build scalable cloud infrastructure and web applications with the utmost speed and flexibility

Examining two paradigms to take into account when creating new web applications

Adaptive architecture is a framework that allows for the dynamic adaptation of a software system’s structure and behavior in response to changing conditions. One key component of this framework is the use of a cloud-based platform to support the scalability and flexibility necessary for this type of system.

Utilizing automation tools to manage the deployment and administration of the system’s infrastructure, such as Klotho and Pulumi, is another crucial aspect of adaptive architecture. While Pulumi is a cloud development platform that enables developers to use their existing knowledge of programming languages like Python to define and manage their infrastructure as code, Klotho is a software tool that automates the creation and management of cloud infrastructure (more on these later).

These platforms and tools work together to offer a potent set of capabilities for creating adaptive systems that can instantly adapt to changing conditions and demands. This offers a level of flexibility and agility that is crucial in today’s quickly shifting business environment, as well as enabling organizations to quickly and easily scale their systems to meet changing demands.

Additionally, as the most widely used language in cloud development, Python plays a significant role in this adaptive architecture, allowing developers to build efficient and robust applications by leveraging its vast libraries.

Next, we have Progressive web apps (PWAs).

PWAs are web applications that simulate the functionality of native apps in a browser. PWAs give users an app-like experience, including offline functionality and the ability to be installed on a user’s device, by utilizing contemporary web technologies like service workers and…



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