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Say Goodbye to Nano, Vim, and Neovim: Meet Your New Terminal-Based Text Editors!

Ken Harrison


Are you tired of the same old terminal-based text editors? Looking for a fresh and more efficient way to work with your code and text files? In this quick 5-minute read, I’ll introduce you to some exciting alternatives to nano, Vim, and Neovim that are changing the game. Let’s dive in and discover the key features and benefits of these text editors:

1. Ox Editor: The Elegant Newcomer

ox logo

Ox Editor is an up-and-coming terminal-based text editor that’s gaining recognition for its simplicity and elegance. It’s designed with a focus on providing a modern and user-friendly experience for developers and system administrators. Here’s a more detailed look at Ox Editor’s key features and benefits:

  • Syntax Highlighting: Ox Editor boasts robust syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages. This feature ensures that your code is not only easy to read, but also helps prevent errors by highlighting syntax mistakes in real-time.
  • Auto-Completion: Coding becomes a breeze with Ox Editor’s built-in auto-completion. It suggests code snippets, functions, and keywords, helping you write code faster and with fewer errors.
  • Customizability: Ox Editor supports a rich plugin system, allowing you to customize your editor to your preferences. Whether you need additional functionality or wish to change the editor’s appearance, Ox Editor can adapt to your needs.
Ox terminal screenshot

You can view the GitHub repo here.

2. micro: Minimalism Meets Power

Micro logo

Micro is a testament to the idea that a lightweight, minimalistic design can still deliver power and efficiency. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate a…



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